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Who Needs To Locate A Person

These days, private detectives and personal locators are becoming a huge business. Some work of course to spy on spouses suspected of infidelity, and some work for companies that need to run background checks on potential employees. Some specialize in helping people locate a person. Who would need such a service, and why would you ever have to do this?

Adoptive Parents and Children:

One such time when someone may want to locate a person is if they are adopted or gave up a child for adoption some years ago. While these adoption records are often sealed and there’s not much you can do through the government or adoption agency to find missing birth parents or birth children, you may be able to hire a private investigator to help you locate a person in such circumstances.

Your information may be somewhat sketchy, but obviously the more information you have the more chance you have of being successful. If you’re the adopted child, you may know what hospital you were born in and of course the date of birth. If you are the parent, you may have the same information and may also have record of the adoption agency or attorney that arranged the adoption. While they do not need to help you locate a person and of course their records are confidential, sometimes a private investigator can put together other bits of information to help you narrow your search.

Typically when it comes to adoption, there is a neutral third party that is used to contact the parents or the child, telling them that the other party is requesting a meeting. If both parties are interested (and if the child is now of age) then a meeting can be arranged. However, if you are trying to locate a person because of an adoption, it’s wise to not get your hopes up too much. Sometimes people prefer the past be in the past, or may have painful memories that they cannot face. A family counselor specializing in adoption issues can help you with these issues.

Missing Children:

It’s unfortunate that in the United States, hundreds of children go missing every single year. Sometimes this is because of being abducted by strangers, but often it is a parent that does not have custody of the child that takes them and disappears. This may not seem dangerous to outsiders, but often a person does not have custody of their children for a reason. And this leaves the other parent out in the cold, unable to see their children for years and years – if they are ever able to find them again. Some cases of trying to locate a person are those parents looking for their children after the police and other officials have given up, or after the time when the child would now be an adult.

Police usually don’t share their investigation files with outsiders but sometimes a private investigator is able to locate a person by tracking down relatives, employment records, utility bills that are registered with their social security number, and so on. They may also know how to subpoena or legally request those police records, which can sometimes help them locate a person by picking up where the police have left off.

While the police have an obligation to look for minor children as long as their underage, regardless of how long they’ve been missing, sometimes a case does go cold and they do turn their attention to other cases. Anyone missing a child will probably go to any lengths to locate a person that may have their child or know where their child is, and sometimes these private investigators can help.

Extended Family:

Sometimes people lose track of their extended family over the years because of many factors. Their parents may have a falling out with their grandparents, or the family may be divided because of a religious choice or marriage that others don’t approve of. In cases like this, someone may want to locate a person in their family that they haven’t seen in some time. It may be their grandparent or favorite cousin or someone else that they’ve lost touch with.

All of these are common reasons why someone may want to locate a person and hire an investigator or some other professional to help them.

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