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Here’s How to Run an Online Criminal Background Check – Get Details on Anyone’s Past

People use an online criminal background check for a great variety of purposes. Sometimes employers need to check a potential or current employee’s background. Families often hire babysitters and house cleaners, and they want to know who they’re dealing with before letting them into the home. Nowadays, people even run criminal background checks before taking a new dating relationship to the next level. Suspicious neighbors, threatening phone calls, cheating boyfriends or girlfriends, dads who don’t pay child support – an online criminal background check is a good resource in all of these situations.

It used to be that information was hard to come by when it came to suspicious people. And it became next to impossible if you only had a telephone number or address. Nowadays though, an online criminal background check is amazingly easy, thanks to the growth of the Internet.

In the past, people would have to hire private investigators to get comprehensive information on someone. Unfortunately, most people just can’t afford to do this, and particularly not when more than one person is involved. In any case, private investigators can also take a long time and don’t always provide much information.

These days, a P.I. will use the same kinds of online tools that have now become available to the average person. This begs the question – why pay money for a P.I. to do this when you can access the very same tools on your own? Given how fast, cheap, and easy it is to run an online criminal background check, there’s no reason not to just do it yourself.

In case you are wondering how an online criminal background check works, let me point out that while it includes criminal records, it also includes other kinds of information too. This makes it a really useful service for getting addresses, phone numbers, alternative names, financial records, and civil court records, just to name a few. Many of these online services also offer reverse phone and address lookups if you don’t have a person’s name (like when you have a phone number of the person your spouse is cheating with, or if you have the address of a disruptive neighbor).

At this point you’re probably asking yourself how much a service like this will cost you. Can you really afford it? The answer may come as a surprise. An annual membership to an online
criminal background check service can run you as little as $40. If you calculate the per month cost, that’s a little over $3 per month.

Plus, the service is fast and reliable. An online criminal background check works by searching millions of public and private databases that contain records on about 90% of the U.S. population. Results are ready in just a minute or two. There is no way a private investigator can provide this kind of information that fast.

Running an online criminal background check is really easy. You just go online to a site that offers this service. Once you’re there, you enter the information and voila – search results come up in a minute or two.

This service is really great for just about anyone, and you never know what might come up that could prompt you to need to run an online criminal background check on somebody. An annual membership is really the best option, since it provides unlimited searches during the membership term at a really low cost.

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