• Knowing Your Child Custody/Protection Options – Which One is Best?

    Posted on June 21, 2015 by in Articles, Blog

    Do you have plans of getting a divorce or maybe, annulment? Do you have a child which will be affected by your decision? If so, then you should know about the different child custody/protection options in that you have in Missouri. As you see, there may be different options, but they are dependent on the state where you are currently living, as well as the specific situation of your child. There are 5 general custody options that are available, but there is also the temporary custody, which is also important to understand. These are thing things a private investigator can help you with. PI’s in the St. Louis area understand the laws and know what kind of details of a case are most important. This knowledge is crucial and can play a big role in your success in a court case.

    Temporary Custody

    This is a short-term arrangement, ensuring the proper care of the child while the parents wait for the final decision. This allows the custodial parent (the person which the child currently lives with) to make decisions involving the child. She/he can make decisions about the welfare, healthcare and schooling of the child.

    Physical Custody

    This option allows you to live physically with your child. There are some states which allow joint physical custody. With such option, you and your ex-partner will have equal amounts of time to spend with your child. However, this is possible only when you live close to each another.

    Legal Custody

    When you are given legal custody, you have all the rights to decide for your child. You can decide for his schooling, healthcare and religious upbringing. You can have joint legal child custody though, when your states allow it. In this case, both parents can come up with decisions. The disadvantage though is that there is a chance for conflicts and misunderstandings to arise, which are not good for the child.

    Sole Custody

    As the name implies, the right is given to one parent only. The other parent is limited to visiting the child only and he/she is not allowed to make decisions concerning the child. This certain arrangement is often used when the child isn’t safe in the home of the other parent. It is the least disruptive among the different types of custody. However, there are certain instances when children will blame themselves for why the other parent is not present, leading to hidden emotional and psychological problems.

    Joint Custody

    When there is no issue between the parents regarding the upbringing of the child, this arrangement can be used. Parents will agree to coordinate or talk about their schedules so the custody can work. This custody can either be physical, legal or even both and although it can be beneficial in some ways, there are also some disadvantages such as that it can be costly to have the child be constantly moving from one house to another.

    Bird’s Nest Custody                                                                                    

    This type of custody allows the child to live in the family home. However, the difference is that the parents take turns in moving in and out. This might not end up disruptive, but it may lead to problems among the parents, especially when it comes to decision-making. And, this can only work when the parents have other places to stay when they’re not staying in the family home.

    When your ex-spouse is not safe for your child, you have to prove that to the court. Gather evidences that can show that your partner doesn’t deserve any custody and you can do that with the help of a St. Louis private investigator (contact us today). Hire the best private investigator and you’ll be able to prove your claim easily.