• How to Deal With Unruly Teens

    Posted on June 14, 2015 by in Articles, Blog

    It is the nature of teens to be independent. They want to do things on their own, and most often, they don’t want their parents to be mingling with whatever they are doing. They start to build friends and sometimes, these friends serve as bad influence to them. They start to talk back to their parents, tell lie in order to cover up something and so on and so forth. As a parent, how can you handle your unruly teenagers?

    Regardless of how unruly your teens are, remember that you are the parent and you make the rule. You have to deal with the situation immediately if you want your teen to change such behavior. Here are some tips to help you.

    Know the reason why your teen is acting that way. According to professionals, teens don’t just become unruly when they want to. They have their own reasons and you should know them. That’s your responsibility as a parent. Know what’s going on with your child. Does your child lose a love one recently? Or is there an event that happened years ago such as a divorce or your partner had left without any reasonable reason? Those events could have triggered something which causes your teen to act the way he/she is acting.

    Stop yelling. You won’t help your unruly teens by yelling at them. Yelling at them only shows that it is okay to yell and scream if you’re angry or frustrated, while in fact, it isn’t. They can adapt such behavior from you, so better not do it.

    Be a parent. Some parents treat their children as their friends and that’s completely okay. However, certain situations need you to become a parent. When your teen is showing unruly behaviors, do not hesitate to discipline him, in a way a parent would discipline a child. Don’t worry if he/she gets angry. Just do your job and make sure that he behaves in an appropriate and safe manner. It might make him hate you for imposing such disciplinary actions, but remember that it is him/her who will benefit in the future.

    Take control. Do not play to be the victim. Do not be too understanding of your teen’s behavior and feelings because this can make him care for himself only. Set consequences and limits for unruly behaviors. Sometimes, it’s good to refuse to intervene in a trouble when your teen is involved in such repeatedly. If he doesn’t abide by your house rules, offer a place for him to stay somewhere else.

    Dealing with unruly teenagers is not easy, but it is a must. You can’t keep an eye on your teen’s every move, so if you want to monitor his actions, get help from a professional, a St. Louis private investigator for instance. He will follow your teen wherever he goes and then reports to you whatever the activities of your teen are. This is a good way of monitoring your teen as you will know if he is into something or if he has bad circle of friends. Of course, when he runs away from home, it wouldn’t be too hard to find him because you already have all the places where he has been to these past days. Or again, you can ask your private investigator to look for him.