• How to Catch Your Wife Cheating – Tips For Husbands

    Posted on September 29, 2015 by in Articles, Blog

    When you’re considering how to catch your wife cheating, don’t over think it. Too many men, who suspect their wife isn’t being faithful, dream up elaborate plans to catch her in the act. The reality is that it’s not easy to catch a woman cheating because they are so intuitive and can typically tell if you have any inkling about their indiscretion. If you want to know for certain whether your wife is being faithful, you need to gather up a little evidence so you’re prepared when you confront her.

    The question of how to catch your wife cheating can be answered several ways. First you need to think about what a typical day is in the life of your wife. Anything that changes from that normal routine could potentially be a sign of an affair. For instance, if she works a regular nine-to-five job and now has started to stay late because of extra work, that can be a red flag. It’s easy enough to confirm this by either checking her pay check to ensure she’s being compensated for the extra time or simply going to her office to visit her after hours. If you suspect she isn’t being truthful about where she is, find a way to prove it before you ask her about it.

    You can also catch your wife cheating by paying extra attention to small details once she does return home. When a woman has been with another man she’ll typically pick up his scent on her clothing. Many men wear cologne and that scent will transfer to your wife’s clothing if she is embracing him. Give her a big hug when she walks in the door and pay special notice to how she smells. It’s not hard to pick up the fragrance of cologne.

    Her car can also be a treasure trove of evidence about her infidelity. If she’s meeting with him in her car, the passenger seat will likely be set to accommodate an adult male. If it’s pulled back farther than it typically is, there’s a reason for that. This one can be a bit hard for a woman to explain away. Also, note the mileage on her car if you are thinking about how to catch your wife cheating. Most liaisons happen miles away from home, in areas where the two individuals wouldn’t be recognized. If she’s putting on more miles than she should be during her day-to-day driving activities, ask her about it.