• How to Catch My Husband Cheating – 5 Tips

    Posted on December 10, 2015 by in Articles, Blog

    One of my fears is my husband having an affair with another woman. He is a person I considered my forever, my soul mate, my eternal best friend and the one I will spend my dying days with. The day I willingly said “I do!” was the day I expected a fairy tale happening to me. That is why when my intuition told me he was seeing someone else, all my expectations crumbled and my world turned grey. To get evidence of his philandering, I researched on how to catch my husband cheating. If you are in the same boat as I am, read on.

    1. Wives should sit back and pay close attention to their husbands’ body language. Through this, they would be able to pick up nonverbal clues such as the way he reacts when his phone rings or beeps. If he suddenly grabs his phone and walks away from you – that is a giveaway clue.
    2. When our husbands speak to someone on the telephone, try to eavesdrop. If their voices change or if they whisper, they definitely do not want anyone to hear what they are up to. The inbox of their cell phones will reveal a lot so read what is in there when our husbands are fast asleep. We can check unknown names by calling them using a phone with an unmarked number.
    3. We should snoop around if they are not aware. For example, we can check their shirts if there is a feminine smell or if there is a lipstick on the collar.
    4. Another way on how to catch my husband cheating is if he goes out of town, I must call him at the hotel he is staying and ask for him. If he is not there, this means he lied to me about his exact destination and whereabouts.
    5. After we have done all these and we really think our husbands are cheating on us, it is time to get the services of a private investigator who shall gather more concrete evidence. He will follow them and take the necessary pictures. These shall serve as our proof when we confront them.

    Infidelity ruins a marriage and if we tolerate it, our dreams of forever will be shattered. We have to fight for our husbands and this we should do by being alert, snooping around, calling them at the place they said they are going to, eavesdropping on their calls and hiring a private investigator to get more evidence. These are the steps I make on how to catch my husband cheating for me to save the marriage.

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