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    Posted on June 7, 2015 by in Articles, Blog

    If you are involved in a personal injury case, you might already have hired a lawyer. However, a lawyer might not be enough especially when you need to provide some evidences, showing that you are really the victim. In addition to him, you should also consider hiring a private investigator. Investigators are skilled at obtaining evidence and information. They can find people, gather information, search for assets and witnesses, gather photographs, testify in court and eventually help in settling or winning your case.  They are expert in answering questions and in solving difficult problems.

    So, how can private detective help you with your personal injury case?

    Witness statements: A witness is very important in any case. A witness is someone who lives or works in the area where the accident happened and he had witnessed the accident himself. He saw what really happened. In most cases, the witness can be poorly identified on a report submitted or his information is incomplete.

    It is important to follow up on witness statements immediately in order to get possible evidence and fresh perspective. When someone has called 911 to report the incident, that caller might be the witness, so it’s also important to get the transcription of the 911 call.

    Investigators talk to the witness as soon as they can. They know that witnesses may forget some details about the incident, or they might change some facts, due to their own reasons. If the witness isn’t interviewed immediately, there’s a chance that the investigator might not find him. It’s either he has moved away, disappeared or worst, passed away already.

    The witness statement needed in a personal injury case is different from that of a criminal case. It is therefore recommended to hire an investigator who can ask in-depth questions without threatening the witness. This way, he can determine how credible the witness is and how complex the facts he has stated.

    Surveillance: Aside from statements, there are also other facts that might be needed. Your investigator will verify these facts such as addresses, names of people and others in order to make sure that you have the most updated information needed for your case. With an investigator on your side, you can surely save time and money.

    Scene Documentation: The scene of the accident should be documented and this can also be used as evidence in the court. The investigator can establish third party information or responsibility, which might not be disclosed by the other party.

    No one wants to get injured, but accidents are unavoidable. If you have been injured and the person responsible for it doesn’t want to admit his fault, you can file a personal injury case. But again, you will need proofs that the accident is caused by the other person, and not your fault. That’s when an investigator comes into the picture. Without his help, it will be hard for your lawyer to win your case. Therefore, to get the right compensation, hire the right private investigator to gather all the information and evidences needed. Let a St. Louis Private Investigator help you today.