• Hire a Cheating Spouse Private Investigator

    Posted on May 28, 2015 by in Articles, Blog

    If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, chances are you want to find out the truth. Even though it’s a very, very difficult time in your life and you will go through a range of emotions, it is best that you know the truth. If you were wrong, take it to your grave and be thankful that your spouse is faithful; if you were right, you can confront your spouse and move on with your life. Either action is better than living with the constant heartbreak, stress and worry of not knowing. Here’s how to hire a cheating spouse private investigator.

    Receive a Recommendation –

    Since you don’t want everyone in your family and group of friends to know that you’re hiring a private investigator, it wouldn’t make much sense to try and get a recommendation from them. However, you can still receive a recommendation from a trusted source by reading reviews online. Visit a few sites of private investigators in your area and look for testimonials or recommendations there. While you’re at the site, read up on the methods and any other information available for each private investigator.

    Make a Few Phone Calls –

    The next step is to call a few of the private investigators you’ve considered to find out a little bit more about what is involved. Ask them what sort of techniques they use to find proof that spouses are cheating – do they tail people, take pictures, etc. You also want to ask the private investigator about the cost. Many investigators will work for a flat fee, although some charge per hour. This can get pretty expensive considering there’s no way to estimate how long it will take to obtain proof that your spouse is cheating or not. If you can find a competent investigator that will charge a flat fee, this may be your best option. If money, however, is no object to you – then an hourly private investigator would be no problem.

    Compare and Decide On a PI That’s Right for You –

    Once you’ve called a few private investigators and have received details about the way they work and the price they charge, you can compare their services and costs. Which PI offers the most for the best price? This can be what your decision is based on and from here, you should be able to hire a private investigator you feel can do the job at hand. Visit his or her office and pay with cash – you don’t want your spouse finding a check you wrote to a PI, especially if he or she has done nothing wrong! Let your private investigator know how he or she can get in touch with you if they have information – and without your spouse finding out.

    By going through the steps above, you can find a private investigator that can put an end to your suffering and worrying about not knowing. Whether the results are good or bad, you will know the truth and that is very important. Although this is a difficult time, you will make it through and the first step is to find out the truth. Good luck.