• Finding Missing Persons – Which Approach should you Take?

    Posted on May 31, 2015 by in Articles, Blog

    Do you know someone who’s missing, perhaps a family member or your child? Searching for missing persons has become easier with the existence of the internet. There are many search tools that you can use in order to search for someone. Some websites specializing in background checks, genealogy traces and geographic location can be used as well.

    Regardless of the many search options available online, there are some instances when the internet might not be the best approach to searching for missing persons. How can you know then which approach to use? This is where an investigator might be the best choice. The details of the case, the amount of time and money needed, and the urgency of the search are all important factors to be considered. The capabilities and limitations of your search options are important as well.

    What kind of search do you need?

    Do you want to find someone, perhaps a family who has been missing for a long time? Or do you just want to reunite with your old classmate or friend? If you simply want to find someone for not-so-important reasons such as reuniting, you can consider using the web.

    Your success when using the web depends on different factors though. One, you should know the personal details of the person you are looking for, since there is a chance that there is another person who has the same name with him/her. Do you know their middle name, former address and date of birth?

    Next factor is the engagement of the missing person in certain activities which post to public records. Public access online records usually have legal proceedings, criminal activity, real estate transactions and professional employment of people. You can also get personal information from registration with online services or credit applications.

    Should you get the help of a professional?

    When your search is a more serious type and requires immediate attention, getting the help of a professional is necessary. When you are looking for people who are hiding from you, hiring a private investigator can greatly help.

    There are several advantages to hiring a private investigator when looking for missing persons. For one, licensed investigators can access records that you don’t have access to. Next, because they have undergone extensive training and they’ve had enough working experience, they know exactly where to look and what to look for. They know how to search in a certain geographic region. For example, when you are looking for a missing person in St. Louis, choose from the St. Louis private detectives to do the job.

    If you don’t know the best approach for your case, it is best to consult a professional. You won’t only save time and money, but you’ll be able to find the missing person as well. Private investigators can provide you with information regarding their rates and services. They can take a look at your case, examine it and then give you your possible search options. If you think you can do the search via online, then that’s fine. However, when the search requires special skills and resources, hiring a St. Louis private investigator is the way to go. It might cost some bucks, but it’s worth it in the end.