• Emotional Signs Shown by Cheating Spouses

    Posted on May 24, 2015 by in Articles, Blog

    Do you think that your spouse is cheating on you? There are many reasons why there are cheating spouses. Some might be doing so because in the first place, their marriage is not based on love. For instance, someone is forced to marry a person just because of business, family and other reasons. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, there are some emotional signs that you might want to observe to confirm it. With years of experience working with victim spouses in the St Louis area we have uncovered some “tell-tell” signs in our extensive investigations that can help you identify a cheating spouse.

    ·         Non communicative. When your spouse used to talk a lot to you then suddenly stops doing so, that can be a sign that there might be a problem. For instance, if he has been sharing stories, including non-sense and silly ones, and then one time, he doesn’t have anything to say at all, it might be that he can be sharing those stories to someone else. Try to observe how consistent he is in being non-communicative and talk to him if needed.


    ·         Criticizing things that you’re doing. Cheating spouses usually feel guilty of their actions and thus, they will find some reasons to criticize you. This way, they can feel better about themselves because they believe that you are also doing something wrong.


    ·         Accuses you of cheating. One common emotional sign shown by someone who’s cheating is accusing the other party of cheating as well. They believe that if they’re doing such, you must also be also doing it. This is one of their ways of reducing their guilt feelings.


    ·         Emotionally shut down. When your spouse stops caring about you, or doesn’t recognize your presence at all, it can be that he’s cheating. This is not just about non-communicating with you, but it’s also about shutting down from you and other family members. When you don’t have a family problem or any problem that involves your relationship, and he suddenly shuts down emotionally, there might be another reason behind that. It can be that he’s cheating or he’s undergoing something difficult.


    ·         Verbally abusive. There are different reasons why people cheat towards their partners. Some might want to get out of marriage or they just need attention. Some would become verbally abusive, with hopes that you will confront or just leave them alone. Some might want to be caught so that you will go for annulment or divorce, freeing them from the marriage, which they don’t like in the first place. Either way, they want to get your attention by being verbally abusive.

    These are some signs of cheating, but they might also be signs that your spouse is having some problems. If you want to confirm if he/she is really cheating, it would be best for you to hire a local detective, such as a St. Louis private investigator. He will gather evidence, proving that your spouse is cheating or if he’s doing something bad behind your back.

    Once you have confirmed that your spouse is cheating through the help of your hired St. Louis private investigator, it’s your choice on how to handle it. You can talk with your spouse to tackle the issue and save your marriage or you can let go of him. Make sure to make the right decision. Remember, everybody deserves a chance, but if he doesn’t want to change, then it’s best if you’ll let him go.