• Catching A Cheating Wife!

    Posted on September 7, 2015 by in Articles, Blog

    Sometimes in life it is necessary to take extraordinary measures in order to find out what your life is really about. It is thus no exception that you would want to take such measures when you think that there is a possibility of infidelity in your relationship. I could go on and on about the signs of a cheating wife or husband but there are already tons of articles about that available on the internet and I think that most people who are actually concerned about their relationship don’t really need an article to know that something feels strange. Gut instinct is an amazing thing and I’ve found that it has about a 90% accuracy rate in my life. If you are feeling something strange about your relationship I suggest you take the appropriate measures to out what exactly is making you feel that way. You end up doubting yourself and your ability to be a rational person if you don’t.

    Sometimes the first course of action would be to confront your spouse and ask them flat out if they are having an affair. Sometimes this works but in my experience it did not. So what does a human do? He uses tools! That’s what separates humans from animals. Confused and not really expecting to have to take on a side job as a private investigator I hit the web. After sifting through the all the junk and useless spam I was finally able to narrow my choices down to a handful of truly useful tools.

    The most effective tool overall that I was able to implement was GPS tracking. With an online and mobile ready interface this tool was absolutely indispensable. The moment I had the feeling that she had to much spare time on her hands I could just login with my browser or mobile phone and almost instantly see her exact location in real time. The final check mate move in the two year affair came about quite suddenly. I received a call at work (a location check undoubtedly) and after a quick pleasant exchange popped open my browser and noted the most odd location for her vehicle to be in. She was parked behind a grocery store. That’s right in the rear where the employees park and the vendors deliver their products! It was close to quitting time so I hopped in my car and sped over to the location while keeping an eye on the map in my mobile phone browser. As I pulled into the service entrance at the rear of the grocery store my heart rate raced. I noticed her car right off the bat but nobody was in it. I quickly scanned the remaining vehicles in the parking lot and there she was. Sitting in a vehicle with the mystery man himself. Unfortunately, this was one of the last tools I purchased.

    The second most effective tool I found is called a semen detection kit. This is essentially a lab quality kit consisting of a couple of chemicals and swabs that you can use for the detection of semen. A woman naturally expels semen very slowly for a few days after intercourse which means that if you have not had intercourse with her for a week it’s safe to assume that there should be no semen present in her panties. One morning after she returned home she made the mistake of taking off her clothing outside of the bathroom before showering. Nervously, I gathered up her panties and my semen detection kit and performed the 3 minute test. There it was like a sledge hammer to my heart, the telltale color of purple indicating the presence of semen.

    I also used other tools which were complimentary to the two mentioned above. We are separated now and I am looking forward to a life that isn’t filled with lies.