• Catch a Cheating Wife – The Tools To Catch Her Cheating!

    Posted on June 30, 2015 by in Articles, Blog

    You ask yourself how to catch a cheating wife. I am sure you have seen the signs of cheating and that aching gut feeling will just not go away until you find out the truth. You probably know the truth in your heart and are looking for solid evidence to catch a cheating wife.

    How to catch a cheating wife?

    Write down the changes you see in your wife`s behavior and schedule – You think you will remember everything, but the smallest thing could make the biggest different, and we all do forget. Is she all of a sudden taking yoga classes every Wednesday, is she running small errands, almost every evening to pick up some milk… Maybe she is calling her lover during this time, check the cell phone bill for a suspicious number. Write down when she leaves work and when she comes home from work, when she is working overtime and when she sees her friends. Things add up and make sense if you see the pattern.

    Attach a GPS to her car – If you suspect her seeing somebody after work or maybe she is not taking that yoga class… Attach a GPS stick to her car and it will tell you exactly where she has been. This is solid evidence that do not lie. If she goes to the same address she should not be at, a couple of times a week find out who lives there.

    Working overtime – A cheating wife knows that work is not a good excuse for her affair, but it is easy for at cheater to use. If your wife works a lot that does not mean she is cheating but if you see a new pattern that all of a sudden every Thursday she has to work overtime drop her a visit. Bring dinner so if she is there she will be happy you stopped if she is not there…

    Set her up – A cheater is often very interested in what you are doing or rather what your schedule is. If she knows that you work out every Thursday night what is she doing during that time? If you suspect her doing something she is not supposed to, set her up. Leave the house like normal and watch and see what she is doing, if you are usually gone 2 hours come home (if she is still home) after 45 minutes and see what she is doing. Is she talking with somebody on her phone? Did she leave to see somebody, if she does fallow her. Or did she invite somebody over?

    Your wife is most likely communicating with her lover over the cell phone or computer . Is she staying up late on the computer, is she acting nervous when you walk in on her, does she change the screen? Is she very protective of her cell phone, if it rings she leaves the room to answer?

    Cell phone and computer leave trace; you will find solid evidence in these two areas.